About James Laverty your
Christian Copywriter

A question for you…

What did you come here to see? A crazy man with a diverse background? A missionary who can write? But what did you come here to see? A Christian Copywriter? Yes, I say!

I am a Freelance Copywriter for the Christian Market, a Content Creator, and a Certified SEO Copywriting Specialist.

How will that help you?

You will find I can communicate to your audience in a way to bring you more supporters, members, or customers in your ministry or business.

You’ll notice the copy is persuasive, with a positive and up-to-date perspective from a Biblical worldview.

Once we apply our services to your website you should notice an increase in traffic to your website, more engagement – meaning people will stay on your site longer, a higher response rate to your appeals, and more.

For you, that may be more members, volunteers or workers, more donors or supporters, more customers or clients, additional sales of products and services, or whatever your need is.

Your need is what we will focus on. Solutions are our business.

You will never be recommended a service before we have met together and I have learned about your business or ministry to find out what your needs, challenges, objectives, and goals are. We will discuss them together to arrive at a solution that meets your needs and desires.

We call this the Discovery Call.

One of the greatest benefits you will notice is once SEO optimization is applied to your site, the traffic increase comes from organic traffic or organic search results. That means when someone is searching for what you offer, your page should appear near the top of the search.

We do that through writing persuasive content and a few other techniques to improve search results.

This means you don’t have to keep doing paid advertising. Of course, you can, but as soon as you stop advertising, the traffic slows down and, in most cases, stops.

But when you have an optimized website, traffic happens more naturally.

If you are not sure what you need to fix a problem or challenge, let’s get on a Discovery call to figure that out. It’s FREE to you. And if I can help, I will make recommendations. If I believe it is outside of my expertise, I will recommend someone who is able to help you.

It’s that simple.

While you’re thinking about it.

No obligation and never any pressure.


You can get a glimpse of what I do and how I do it on our Services pages. SERVICES I Offer

“Okay – Here’s the boring stuff if you are interested.”

My Business Experience…

This is just a brief description, yet if you would like more insight into any of these areas, just ask. I certainly don’t want to bore you with endless details.

As a missionary, one of my responsibilities in pioneering a new work was communications – seeking prayer partners, donors, people, and teams that visited us on short-term mission trips.

I wrote the:

  • Newsletters
  • Prayer e-bulletin (today it would be called a blog)
  • Brochures
  • I even built my first website with donations and a child sponsorship program in 2000

All that in 2 languages!

Jimmy with kids in Brazil. 

Copywriter for the Christian Market.
Jimmy with some Bible Club kids in São Vicente, Brazil.

Relevant businesses I’ve owned and worked in

  • Isaiah 61 Family Ministries – Missionary for 10 years to Brazil
    • Used by God to pioneer a new ministry which continues until today. I left in 2003 and today it is fully run by Brazilians.
    • The work reached several cities in Baixada Santista on the São Paulo Coast.
  • Rocky Mountain Table Talk – Tabletop Advertising business as an Independent Distributor for a national company.
  • Local Table Talk – Tabletop Advertising Business – my own business as an Advertising Specialist.
  • JBL Action Marketing – A full-service Internet marketing, all things web company. My own business, although I had a large white label team of experts behind me.

Interesting Facts…

2013 a national award for Best Ad Copy from ABC Advertising.

I studied with some of the best: Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Russell Brunson, Winton Churchill from Barefoot Consultants, and so many more… most recently AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute) where I continue to study and perfect my craft.

Just a little about me personally…

Rather than a whole story, here are some bullet points or snippets about me.

  • Born & raised on Long Island
  • Trained at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Tyler Texas for 2 years
  • I’ve traveled to 7 Latin American countries
  • Currently based in Colorado since 2006
  • Over the years I’ve served as…
    • An usher
    • Royal Ranger Leader
    • Boy Scout Leader
    • Van Driver
    • Volunteer at church events
    • Helping where needed
  • Portuguese – English Translator (volunteer) for Vision Trust International since 2007
  • Facilitating the Care Ministry Team at church since 2020

I still have a missionary call on my life to Latin America. Great Commission Copywriting will help support my own missionary endeavors yet will never take away from a job I’ve committed to.

In my free time, I like to read, camp, hike, and explore new places especially if it includes a drive through the mountains.

I love to worship and dig deep into God’s Word using study tools and looking into the original languages as I do my Bible studies. Some of my favorite studies over the years have been on: Great Commission Christian – Stir Up Spiritual Gifts – Liberty – among others.

If you’ve actually read this far… thank you.

If you are interested in seeing what I can do to help your business or ministry’s website or even offline copy like writing a newsletter, take the first step and click the button below…


or Call Jimmy @ 719-482-8302