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The services we provide are listed on different pages. The menu is just below. Please take a moment and read the information here, as it pertains to all the services I provide.

Helping businesses get traffic organically rather than through paid advertising.

The above statement doesn’t mean I am against paid advertisements. But organic traffic is the long term approach to save you money and increase ROI on paid ads. Content & SEO are key in this process.

How I Work

Every project starts with a Discovery Meeting. This will give me insight into your business or ministry, we’ll talk about the reason you contacted me and what you want to accomplish. Once I start your project, I want to be sure I am meeting your objectives and goals.

Research is always the first step. Then we decide together the direction and outcome for your project. Basically, what I believe I can do for you or if I can’t, who I can refer you to.

You will be presented with the final project according to each service description, and you will have two full revisions if needed.

Discovery Call

Most of the above will be decided on a Discovery Call which can last from 15 to 30 minutes. The reason it takes that much time is the details that will enable me to do my absolute best for your ministry or business. This can be done on the phone or video call like Zoom or Skype.

The Investment

Once we decide on a plan, most service fees are invoiced 50% upfront and 50% on final completion.

A couple of smaller services like the SEO Audit will be paid upfront in full as they will be delivered the same day and are low cost.

Some larger projects are long-term, so a monthly retainer would be the best option. Accordingly charged on the same day each month for the duration of the project.

Great Commission Christian Copywriting Services

Not sure which service to ask for?

Not sure where to start?

NO PROBLEM! I’ve got you covered… we will look at your website and business together, talk about it, discovering your goals and objectives, and I will recommend which service is best to start with.

One of the best discovery tools is our SEO Audit. It’s inexpensive, it gives you a picture of how your site is performing and it usually will get done within 24 hours (week days).

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Services Start Here

First Steps – SEO Site Audit & Customer Persona

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Now With More Improved Web Content

Serial Article for Brand Awareness of Christian Websites

SEO Magnet for Christian Websites