Serial Article

Brand Awareness of Christian Websites

If your goal is to raise awareness and establish trust and authority, you need to publish comprehensive and definitive content on your website.

As a Christian copywriter, I will write a series of articles that will enhance your website and raise brand awareness, which will drive more people to your site (leads!).

Rather than just a one-off or occasional article, this is a series of articles following a sequence, each one building on the previous one. Although, each article is a stand-alone piece. We generally divide it into 3 “chunks” or 3 installments as a part of a single Serial Article.

This is NEW content for your audience. It will help to build awareness for your business or ministry.

How it Works

We start by looking at your current content and deciding on a topic that you would like to present in-depth material to your audience or prospective audience. Something that closely relates to your business. I’ll help you figure this out if you don’t already know.

Once the topic is decided upon, we basically follow this process:

  • Do research…
  • Make an outline of the whole article.
  • Divide it into 3 or more “chunks.”
  • Then, we write, apply SEO, and use relevant keywords.
  • You get each article for review.
Typewriter with 2021 written on paper. Building brand awareness of Christian websites.
Let 2021 be Your Year to Build Brand Awareness for Your Website.

Once we have the finished product – at least part 1, you will receive that article to publish. We will work with you to promote that article.

Then, we will move on to Parts 2 & 3, or more, depending on the project.

To help you decide if a Serial Article is right for you, let’s jump on a Discovery Call to discuss ideas. There is no obligation, and the call is free. If this is the right solution to build awareness, then we will get started. If not, we will discover what will work best.

What You Get

  • An article with 3 or more parts – so actually 3 articles.
  • You’ll receive Part 1 to get published immediately.
  • You will receive instructions for promoting the article, as well as the process for the additional parts.
  • It is delivered in a Word document ready to be uploaded to your site.

Raise Brand Awareness of Christian Websites – Your Website…

Do you have an idea for an in-depth topic you would like written? Does a Serial Article to build your brand awareness sound like the right solution for you? If you answered YES, then click this button below.

What better way to explain what a product service is than by offering an example? I have written several articles on subjects that pertain to copywriting, marketing, SEO Copywriting, website optimization, and more for Christian businesses and ministries.

One of our goals is to build brand awareness of Christian websites, whether we teach you how to do it or we do the heavy lifting for you.

Here’s an article as an EXAMPLE of a Serial Article. Awareness. Trust. Authority.

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