Why Should I Hire a Christian Copywriter?

Written by James Laverty

I could start this article with, “Why Not?”.

As a Christian content writer and Christian copywriter who works with ministries and Christian businesses, there is a difference.

Also, I have owned other businesses in the past, and as a Christian business owner, as well as a leader and pioneer on the mission field, I appreciated working with Christian professionals.

It is always a pleasure to work with other people who have the same values as I have, the same or similar world view, and understanding that integrity in business is an important part of being a witness for Christ.

It doesn’t mean we have to mention Jesus in every article or advertisement or place the ‘fish’ symbol on all our printed material either. It’s about integrity, it’s about ethical practices, It’s about keeping God in business.

A short rabbit trail… one day my dad saw a truck at the neighbor’s house, and he mentioned to the guy, “I see you’re a Christian”, pointing to the fish on his vehicle. The guy’s response? “Oh, Christians just like to see that on the truck. I don’t go to church or anything.”

WOW! So, is that false advertising? We always need to be careful.

Back to keeping God in business…

I belong to a group of like-minded businesspeople called, “Putting God Back in Business”. Jon, the guy who started it, teaches on all sorts of personal growth topics, often using scripture or references to a Bible story. All the teachings have to do with real-world, practical business topics, taught from a Christian World View.

There is a difference.

So now to answer the question, why should I hire a Christian copywriter… especially if you are in ministry or own a Christian business of any kind, you will be working with someone who understands you as a person, and as a Christian.

They will understand your beliefs without you having to try and explain them. This way you can get down to the meat of your project or work you want to be done quicker. That’s one reason along with everything you’ve read to this point.

I’ll share some more with you by way of a personal story…

I have been in the advertising and marketing business since 2008. I never marketed myself as a Christian Advertiser or Christian Marketer. My title was Advertising Specialist, and I had a niche advertising business, working mostly in small towns throughout Colorado.

For each project I worked on I had between 25 and 32 advertisers. I often knew when an owner who chose to advertise with me was a Christian, yet not always. I also had many churches as clients as well. It was always a pleasurable experience.

Yes, I worked with many non-Christian business owners who were pleasurable to work with as well… but not all. I had some who didn’t pay for their ads, along with other issues. Some just say that’s a part of doing business. Anyway…

I also had many compliments on the way I did business. They liked my presentation. They liked working with me and my business practices. One thing that annoys businesspeople is when a sales guy says, “I just need 10 or 15 minutes of your time”, and they are there for an hour.

My line was always, “you will know within 10 minutes whether it is something you want to do or not. If you choose to get an ad, then it will take more time to design the ad and do the paperwork.”

The truth is that simple.

Well, I had quite a few people compliment me on keeping to that 10-minute promise, even when I was there for longer because they wanted to buy an ad. It’s about the integrity of my word.

It was apparently particularly good for my business, as on most projects I averaged an 80% or higher closing ratio, and I never pressured anyone.

I did not tell you that story to say look at me or see how great I am. No, it’s to tell of the goodness of God operating in and through me even when most people didn’t know I was a Christian… and truthfully many of them probably didn’t care either.

Bringing it home to copywriting and especially with my focus on Christian-owned businesses, missions organizations, ministries, and churches, I believe there is a common thread between us that will lead to improved content of your website, newsletters, articles, and more.

After all, that content is what will help people who are searching or those who are already a member or customer decide if they will stay with you or not. You want to reach your audience with good content that is relative to what you are offering.

Besides being a Christian, you want the writer to have knowledge of the services they are offering. As for me, besides real-world experience in marketing and advertising, I have trained with AWAI, which has been teaching copywriting since 1997. They are very highly regarded in the copywriting world, and I am now a part of them, always learning new skills to perfect my craft.

In closing, you must decide who you choose to work with, and who you hire to write your content, whether it’s your website, social media, blogs, or printed materials like brochures, sales letters, or newsletters. The choice is yours.

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James Laverty writes marketing material for the Christian market focusing on on-site SEO, optimizing websites, article writing, content creation, and more. In his free time, he explores new places especially if it includes a drive through the mountains and/or tent camping. Currently, he resides in Colorado Springs.