First Steps

SEO Audit and Customer Persona

These are basic services that almost every project will benefit from, as they uncover the real issues and needs of a website and guide the copywriting process to speak directly to your audience.

Both the SEO Audit and Customer Persona projects are two separate services and are explained separately below.

Hence the title, First Steps…

SEO Site Audit

This is a Basic Site Audit where you receive a snapshot of your webpage. You’ll discover what is working and where there is room for improvement.

You’ll discover the behind-the-scenes items that help people who are searching discover your website when doing an internet search.

Items such as:

  • Page Titles / Header Tags
  • Meta tags
  • Keyword & Keyword phrases
  • Alt Image tags
  • Content & SEO relevancy
  • URL’s
Guys hands typing on a laptop. SEO audit and customer persona.
SEO Audit Done Right

Next, we take a brief look at content and the on-page SEO. Then, Internal links, backlinks, and broken links. How many pages are on your website?

We also like to see your website analytics if you have that setup, as that can give us the big picture view of what is going on with your site, where traffic is coming from, how many pages searchers look at, and how long they stay on your site and so much more.

What You Get

A Word document or PDF with details of your site audit, with recommendations of how to fix each item and even what is working well.

Timeline: Within 48 hours on weekdays

Get Started Today with a Site Audit

It’s like a Physical Exam for Your Website!

Create a Customer Persona | Avatar

Silhouette of a person at an orange sunset.
Discover Your Ideal
Customer Persona

This exercise will give you instant clarity on who you are selling to, why they will buy from you, and where you can find them.

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Who are your members, guests, or customers?
  • Can you find more of them?
  • Do you assume you know who your ideal member, guest, or customer is?
    • Or do you know for sure?
  • Could that assumption or knowing make a difference?
  • Where can you find your ideal people?
  • Does your advertising shoot in the dark, or is it targeted?

These are some pretty tough questions. I’ll tell you the truth, some years ago I had a retail store with a good online presence, but I couldn’t answer all those questions. But for another business I had, I learned how to figure them out, and it made a world of difference in marketing and web content.

How This Works

We schedule a meeting with you and someone in your organization who has direct contact with customer care. This may take from 60 to 90 minutes.

In the end, you will have a powerful tool to use in creating all your content, online, offline, and even in-person events.

This will save you both time and money in the long run.

What You Get

You will get what we call our Customer Persona Canvas. Which will detail things like personal traits, goals & challenges, and even where they hang out and what types of publications they read.

Demographics has been the longtime standard in knowing your customers for marketing purposes. Today, with all the tools and data available, it’s imperative to have a customer persona, or depending on your business, you may have more than one type of customer persona.

Allow us to help you discover precisely who
your ideal Customer Persona is!

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First Steps – SEO Site Audit & Customer Persona

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