Now With More Improved Web Content

If your goal is to raise awareness and establish trust and authority, you need to update and improve the content of your website.

You know you have good information, but you also know there is potential for more. How do you communicate that potential? That’s where our Now with More service can fulfill your desire.

Providing FRESHNESS to your website is imperative. When the Now With More process is applied, you will get improved web content on pages that should create new and more traffic to your site.

Think of it like this… The example of Doritos says at the top: “Now With More COOL RANCH Flavor.” Many products use this technique. They are almost always products that are already good sellers – but the company wants to sell more.

Your website is no different. We take pages that are already ranking well or have ranked well in the past, and we give them a facelift via the Now with More process.

a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos saying, Now with more cool ranch flavor.
“Now with More
Cool Ranch Flavor”

Even in the Christian community, we need to apply these processes. When it comes to the Bible, we don’t want to change anything. But when it is our website or marketing, let’s stay cutting edge, which will bring all glory to our God.

How it Works

Some of the things we will look at are articles and content on your website. We will see which ones have performed well in the past, and we will improve them for overall readership appeal.

The process may include the following:

Orange call out with words, Now With More!
Now with More
Improved Web Content.
  • Add new content.
  • Update inaccurate content that has changed.
  • Adding new images, videos, charts, etc.
  • Rewriting or optimizing the content.
  • Working on the eye appeal of the page.
  • Using good SEO copywriting.
  • Removing broken links or broken images.
  • Content creation.

If that sounds like what you need, let’s set up a Discovery Call to discuss your options. If the Now With More service is a good option after discussing the matter, we will move forward. If I feel you might be better served by one of the other services, I will make that recommendation.

The choice is always yours!

Web copy or content is different than printed materials.

A good web copywriter or content writer knows the difference.

To see an Example of a Now With More improved web content page, see the article I wrote using this button…

What You Get

A bundle of articles that have been improved and optimized is delivered in a Word document package ready to be uploaded to your site.

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