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Articles, blogs, and newsletters all fall under the term Content Marketing, which appears in many more forms than we will discuss here.

I’ve written an article about Blogs and Newsletters. You will learn about the different types of each, and you may discover which may work best for you.

Communicating with your audience is the primary purpose of these three products.


Articles may be used in many places, both online and offline. Articles usually range from 1000 to 2600 words. Longer articles may be up to 4000 or more words.

Each page’s content on a website is generally considered an article in most cases. Of course, not every web page is an article. My target for this is 600 to 1200 words. Google likes web content over 1000 words.

Magazine Articles, both print and digital, may include sidebars as well.

Additionally, you may want a series of articles on a specific topic. I offer a product called Now With More. It is helpful for complex or in-depth topics, and we release a series of articles over a short time. It keeps people coming back for more. Now With More

How it Works

A single article or web page content is easy. Usually, we will set up a Discovery Call to discuss the scope of your project and the details. Then I will send a proposal to you.


Allow us to do the writing for you. Blogs have a wide range of uses. They are usually written in a conversational style. They should speak the language of your target audience.

They should also appear on schedule rather than whenever you can get to them. Every week or biweekly is good. Twice weekly is another option.

How it Works

We will discuss the topic or topics you want to write about, a schedule for being released, and how you will be delivering the blog – on your website, a blogging site, or posting on other people’s blogs as a guest.

A wood plank table with a notebook and blue pen, a glass of water, a lpatop computer, a cell phone, and a red plant. Getting ready to write some blogs.
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Newsletters are the oldest form of communication for most ministries. They predate the internet, but that said, the modern option is an eNewsletter.

I offer both options: digital and paper newsletters. The choice is yours.

Newsletters can be one to four pages or more. The most common are two and three-page newsletters. Most newsletters include photos or images that complement the stories being shared.

How it Works

As with the other options on this page, the process starts with a Discovery Call so we can discuss what you want, who you are going to reach, your delivery method, and more.

If you choose to do a print newsletter, I can also offer you printing services at a great price. Request a quote – it’s free.

Check out the Printing Services
on our sister website.

Old typewriter with a blank piece of paper ready to be typed for newsletters.
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What You Get

Whether it is a Blog, Newsletter, or an Article, you will get a proof copy and can request any changes or corrections you feel necessary. Two sets of changes are included.

Any of the options on this page can be sent out as an email if you choose.

Each will be given to you in an MS Word Doc with instructions for posting. It is possible for me to post blogs directly on your site or blog platform as well. Those details will be worked out when we talk on the Discovery Call.

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