SEO Magnet for Christian Websites

We will build your Christian business or ministry a multi-page, SEO-optimized, online resource to build brand awareness, trust, and authority.

What is an SEO Magnet? You could call it an instructional booklet with several chapters (minimum of 3 + an introduction page) that will teach your audience something new. Each chapter will be on a separate page on your website, and they are all connected with one another.

You could also consider it a mini-website within your main website.

How it Works

This starts with a Discovery Call to uncover the topic or topics you would like to cover in your SEO Magnet. Next…

  • Create a Customer Persona – included with this package.
  • Keyword and topic research – looking at material on your current website.
  • Then we will draw up an outline and chapter ideas.
  • Then the writing begins with content that sells your products, services, or ideas.
    • This takes time due to the Depth of Coverage of this resource.
  • We will draw up the instructions for meta tags, header, and title tags, keywords, alt tags for images, etc. Even the exact URLs that you will use to upload this to your website.

Each of the steps takes time and know-how to get it done correctly. The SEO Magnet for Christian Websites will add a real boost to your website and your business or ministry.

What You Get

A thorough, multi-page online resource targeting high-intent keywords.

Delivered via a Word doc with complete SEO Magnet.

Are you looking to add a valuable resource, like the SEO Magnet for Christian Websites, to your arsenal of content onto your website? Let’s set a time to get on a Discovery call and see if this is the service for you. Remember, the call is free and there’s no obligation.

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